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You can talk to your doctor online at any time you want, both at the decision stage and before and after the operation. However, due to the time difference and the appointments of our doctors, it would be better to notify your request a few hours in advance.

Don’t worry, all of our contracted doctors can speak good English. In addition, all our contracted hospitals have staff or translators who speak English, Spanish, German, French and Arabic. Since Turkey is a tourism country, you will not experience any difficulties during your stay outside the hospital.

All our medical tourism packages include all your transfers in Turkey. Transfers are made by VIP vehicle (Mercedes Benz Vito VIP Caravan, Mercedes Bens E-200 Series, BMW 5 Series etc.).
Additional charges may apply if you have a different request or a transfer request from your home to the airport in the England. Please inform us about this before planning your trip.

All our contracted hospitals are registered with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and are recognized by independent medical authorities in the European Union, America and England.
All our contracted hospitals have the International Medical Tourism certificate.
If you wish, we can share the documents you want with you.
For more information about our hospitals, you can visit this page or contact us.

In Turkey, all medical careers of medical doctors are shared with the public, as required by law. If you wish, we can share this information with you after you decide on your doctor.

Turkey is a very developed country in the field of health, especially in surgery, oncology and oral and dental health. Most of the hospitals are highly accredited and serve European and American standards.
Since it is a good tourist country, it is also an attraction for British tourists. The very low GBP rate (1 TL = 0.055 GBP) also adds to this appeal.
You can find detailed information about Turkey on our About Turkey page.
You can also review GOV.UK Turkey travel information and the Medical Tourism website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Unfortunately we do not currently have a contract with the NHS.

Most insurance companies cover treatments abroad.
If you cannot get detailed information from your insurance company, please contact us. In this regard, we can take the necessary actions for you together with your insurance company.

Since Turkey is a tourism country, many airline companies have direct flights to Turkey. Especially Turkish Airlines, Pegasus and British Airways have scheduled flights every day. In addition, Easy Jet, Qatar Airways and Emirates also have flights on certain days of the week.

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