Daphne Cambridge

DAPHNE CAMBRIDGE Ltd. is a Cambridge United Kingdom based trade, medical, education and tourism consultancy company.

Our company serves all medical tourism, educational tourism, boutique tour requests and corporate events with its expert staff....

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We are honored by providing assistance to people all over the World with our qualified JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited medical services consisted of excellence centers (just some of our partners), internationally experienced specialists, VIP hospitalization, free of charge transfer services and overall reasonable quotations.

International Patient Services

  • DAPHNE CAMBRIDGE provides personalized liaison (concierge) services such as:

    • Coordination of hospital, physician and diagnostic appointments • From A to Z VIP services • Concierge services • Free Medical Second Opinion • Free of charge translation services for all the procedures • 24-hour emergency services, including air ambulance transfer coordination • Travel arrangement assistance (letters for travel visas and pick-up services etc.) • Accommodation assistance (hotel, aparts etc.)

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